Bringing people together from our city’s neighborhoods to discuss issues is what we do, so we are pleased to be a part of On The Table Philly. Now more than ever, it is important to be having conversations with people in every corner of the city. We need to focus on diversity and inclusion within city businesses, both small and large. We also need to find solutions for vulnerable citizens, which includes access to good education, healthcare, and job security. In order to shrink the immense 26 percent poverty rate, we must encourage neighborhood-based entrepreneurship, which will increase job creation in underserved neighborhoods. The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia has developed the Roadmap for Growth Action Team, an initiative that convenes civic and neighborhood organization leaders in order to address these issues and create a pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda that will lift and improve Philadelphia’s economic and civic life. Developing a dialogue to foster communication and finding areas of common ground is so important if we are to move forward as a community. I’m pleased to be a part of this important initiative and continuing the conversation to ensure we provide opportunities for every citizen of Philadelphia.

Rob Wonderling
President and CEO
The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia