At the Coalition, we believe that change comes about when all voices can be heard.

What excited me most about the On the Table Philly initiative is the idea that residents from all walks of life can engage in meaningful discussion about the issues facing our neighborhoods, city, and region. This approach aligns closely with UAC’s values.

In many ways, this dialogue may be what we need to bridge some of the polarization that we are seeing across the country.  When you talk with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues as well as new people, there’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and maybe even transcend some of things that could divide us.  This exchange of views is critical to our society and democracy. I am looking forward to hearing the diverse perspectives from our region in this inclusive conversation.

This work will not be easy; however, as the old proverb goes, a journey of thousand miles begins with one step.

Listening to one another, finding common ground, and working together is what driving change is all about; this the first step of our next journey . . . together.

Sharmain Matlock-Turner
President /CEO of the Urban Affairs Coalition