Every one of us has the power to make our communities great. It simply takes stepping up to the table.

On May 23, 2017, we invite Philadelphia area residents and their families, neighbors, colleagues, and friends—old and new—to pull up a chair, share a meal and discuss the ways in which we—as individuals and as a collective—can, and do, work to make our communities stronger and more dynamic.

During On the Table Philly, we are asking participants to explore our commitments—great and small—to support our neighbors, our communities and the causes that matter most to us. Thank you for your interest in being a host for On the Table Philly. The first step is to create a host account, so we can start connecting with you, provide you with resources, and share updates.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an invitation in April to a host information session to help you get ready and pick up host resources we are preparing for you! Stay updated by joining our Facebook group for On the Table Philly.

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